Week 1 – Relationship Money Transitions Description

Life is constantly changing. Even when we wish it to stay the same, we learn that our will is doomed from the start because as the world around us changes so do our circumstances. We cannot will life’s changes into non existence. Relationships will be affected by the changing world around us and our situation and circumstances will evolve. If we choose to stay stagnant we will find ourselves frustrated with where we end up.

Transitions are described as, “movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change:”, on dictionary.com

It is not secret that change is challenging for most, and transitions mean changing from one situation into another. You may find that transitions are smooth, but many times they are rough. 100% of the time they are inevitable so if we try to avoid them we will be aggravated and we will find that both our lives and relationships will suffer as a result.

When you first get married there are many transitions that you will experience going from someone who is single and only has yourself to worry about, to then being married and having all of the responsibilities of being a married spouse.

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